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Feb 25 2019 Scuba Specials: Best Places to Take Your Luxury Companion (Me)Category: Specials     07:15AM   0

As a pisces, I can't help but love the water. I grew up in the ocean and on the lake, swimming horses through ponds and floating down rivers. And most of all, I love to SCUBA dive. I love studying for the tests, I love practicing for courses, and I loooove settling into a soft current and taking in the underwater world around me. Tour guides have said that I make them feel "delightfully useless" with my buddy skills for beginners, and random observers have even noted my "endearing" dive style. I might not dress up like a mermaid, but you might wonder if I am one ;-) This is the ultimate girlfriend experience. Where I nurture and guide you through new adventures, and all the way into the new you.
While I hesitate to publicly list a price for these, I'd like to give you a ballpark. Places that are very close and easy to get to can be as little as $1,000 per day for experienced divers who want to help me advance my dive certifications. For example, Hawaii (I've never been!), Mexico (I love it!), and Florida (The Keys!) are all around pretty travel friendly. While I love adventure, 16 hour flights are easier when compensated ;-p Plus, I've finally squeaked out over one hundred dives, so I'm ready to get serious! ;-p 
Per day means each day that we are together. If we are together Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, that would be four days. From experience, it's easiest to handle all payment before our trip, rather than exchange cash when we get there. Things can always be arranged! Though you are always responsible for costs incurred ;-p 
As an added bonus? The early booking nature of these trips mean you'll usually be able to take priority over a tour. Who am I kidding? Take me diving, I'll cancel one. ;-)
January through April
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Bay of Islands, Honduras (Utila is amazing!!)
  • the Jardines de la Reina, Cuba is a mecca for shark lovers
February through April
  • Turks and Caicos to see the Humpback whales and their calves (I know a great place!)
  • Kadavu, Fiji for the Pilot whales
  • Malpelo Island, Colombia for hammerheads, eagle rays, tuna, sailfish
  • Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia (until June) to see the Whale Sharks and laying/hatching turtles
  • Lankayan (close to Borneo) will have Jawfish with mouths full of eggs
April to June
  • Whale Sharks in Belize
  • Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs in Tobago until June
May through August
  • Galapagos Islands will have whale sharks in May and Humpback whales in June and in general will be *itself*
  • Pretty much anywhere in Mexico, ask me about my favorite places! <3
  • Fakarava and Rangiroa, French Polynesia for the chance to see dolphins!

  • KwaZulu Natal Sardine Run. We can dive at Aliwal Shoal then head inland to see larger land predators ;-)
  • Yasawa Islands, Fiji to see the Manta Rays (Until November).
  • Humpback whales nursing in Isle Saint Marie, Madagascar
  • Costa Rica to see all kinds of turtles (until September) - I know just the place!
  • Tahiti will have Humpback whales with calves in tow until October
  • Pilot whales in Northern Vanua Levu, Fiji
  • Guadalupe Island will have Great White Sharks until November
  • Costa Rica to see the Sea Turtles - I know a great dive outfit for us!
  • Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia. Apparently the livaboards here are a practical guarantee for seeing whale sharks!
  • Fiji will have a ton of Manta Rays this month
  • Hawaii should be perfect for night diving - I've never been, can you believe it?
  • Egypt - The Red Sea
  • Monad Shoal in the Phillipines in October is one of the most reliable places to find Thresher Sharks.
  • Bonaire - Needs no introduction ;-)
  • Similan Islands, Thailand will have a ton of life and great visibility this time of year
  • Raja Ampat, Indonesia has "the most biodiversity in the world"
  • Palau via livaboard would allow us to watch the parrotfish mating <3
  • Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia for incredible wreck diving and visibility
  • Egyptian Red Sea for oceanic whitetips and hammerheads. They love the cooler temperatures, and we will too, while we explore the sights on land between dives ;-)
I can book our trips for us, and you can check out prices on PADI Travel, Scuba Travel Ventures, or Dive The World. You can also find dive ideas all over the internet, and see if our fantasies align..., and are good places to check. 
Contact me to plan our getaway, and I'll see you soon ;-)



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