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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Hello!  And welcome to my blog! Pictures, love notes, random thoughts.... and you know I couldn't do this without throwing up a foodie spot or two! To return to my main website, click here, and don't be afraid to click "subscribe", or make a suggestion before you leave!


Now, let's get started ;-)


May 14 2018 New Yorker Lucy Bordeaux is someone you HAVE to meet!Category: Best Friends     07:22AM   0

Lucy is a sexy little firecracker that I instantly fell in love with! She's cute, she's sweet, she's edgy but she's poised and she's definitely sexy... I love how multi-faceted she is! As soon as you see her smile, it's all you'll ever want... She hangs out in NYC, and we love to play together when I'm there! Of course, we're always happy to fly to you, too ;-)

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Jan 1 2018 Sensual Goddess Christie L'AmourCategory: Best Friends     01:17PM   0

You could literally be sitting across from Christie in a Cheesecake Factory and broil from the sensual energy emanating from this woman. I know, it's happened to me! A true woman, Christie is passionate, worldly, and knows exactly what she's doing ;-)


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Jan 1 2018 Kinky Rain Ivy!Category: Best Friends     01:09PM   0

A kinky woman who knows her worth... There's just something about being around a woman who knows she's a goddess!


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Dec 9 2017 Felicity Harte has legs for days...Category: Best Friends     05:42PM   0

Is a gorgeous blonde with bright green eyes your sweet spot? A beautiful multi-lingual student, Faith is super fun, and I can't wait to share her with you ;-) We are mainly able to hang out together in North Carolina and Chicago, though we are always happy to fly to you ;-)


Her Website

Her Twitter

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Dec 8 2017 How To Pull Her HairCategory: How To     02:20PM   0

Women have amazing hair. There, I said it. It's soft, it smells good, and it is so fun to play with. But women can be a little intimidating. Can I play with it? Will she like that? I want her to like me... With porn being such an unreliable source of information, and with my access to some of the most fun women around, I crowd sourced us a little how to ;-)

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Nov 20 2017 Tonja Wallace is a Total Sex KittenCategory: Best Friends     11:58AM   0

Tonja Wallace is so well known and so well respected in our little community, I've had a crush on her for years! Now that I'm spending a more time in Chicago, we've finally gotten a chance to get together, and boy have my dreams finally come true! Tonja is sex on fire! Sometimes, literally all I can do is say "Oh wow" with my mouth hanging open... ;-D I love spending time with her, and I can't wait to show you ho

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Nov 1 2017 Blonde Bombshell Jessica ScottCategory: Best Friends     05:25PM   0

I first heard of Jessica through Lily, and then started following her on twitter... and a crush was born! Amazingly, Jessica was every bit the warm, funny person you hear about, and so much more! She is whip smart, laughs at things light to dark, and is so much FUN! I am so excited to know Jessica,

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Oct 22 2017 Books I've EnjoyedCategory: About Me     03:41PM   0

I'm a big fan of reading, and I love filling my library with works gifted by suitors! Since I enjoy sharing books with my "real life" friends, I thought it would be fun to share a few with "Charlotte's friends", too. I like to read books that are about nature (human or animal), and history. The occasional biography or work of fiction helps keep me from being too studious, too ;-) 

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Dec 14 2016 A Beginners Guide to Your Big DickCategory: How To     09:56AM   2

Now, I'm sure you have an idea of what a "big dick" is. You've seen the charts, heard the jokes, walked into locker rooms. But, "big" is relative. And I'm here to tell you that your dick is bigger than you think it is. Don't believe me? Science, man.

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Dec 6 2016 Clever Clover... She Travels!Category: Best Friends     09:17PM   0

A long time girl crush that I've finally had a chance to meet is the incomparable Clover... A wet and wild squirter with a quick wit and personality to spare! I thought I fell for her before we even met! But I was mistaken ;-) Somehow, she bundles you in this comfortable, totally accepted aura, nearly tricking you into thinking you've always known her

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