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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Hello!  And welcome to my blog! Pictures, love notes, random thoughts.... and you know I couldn't do this without posting a foodie spot or two! To return to my main website, click here, and don't be afraid to click "subscribe", or make a suggestion before you leave!


Now, let's get started ;-)


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Jun 8 2019 Lana Madison: Sensual Mature LatinaCategory: Best Friends     04:09PM   0

She instinctively understands how to connect. How to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And, I have not yet mentioned that she's the complete package being a sultry, picturesque beauty with the wit to match. Oh, my... The afternoon that Lana, Sophia and I spent is forever burned into my memory... could it be in yours? ;-)

We are easily found in NYC, or on a plane to you ;-)

Her Website

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May 3 2019 Sid Wild: Petite Alternative BeautyCategory: Best Friends     06:02PM   0

I'm Sid Wild - Nice to meet you. I’m a 26 year young Queer human who stands at a feisty 5’1″ and thrives on being an Extreme Extrovert. In my world, it’s what’s inside your brain and soul that I’m interested in. I am human focused, radically vulnerable, & always seeking out new experiences! Being in my presence is often calming, affirming, validating, and humanizing - I do my best to meet you where you're at in th

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May 2 2019 Sophia West: Sensual Blonde MILFCategory: Best Friends     01:48PM   0

Sophia is an absolute legend, and for good reason! I felt her sensual energy as soon as I walked into her room, and the next few hours that we spent playing... utterly once in a lifetime. If a perceptive, action packed, truly bisexual pair of girlfriends are what you've been searching for... here we are. Available nationwide ;-)


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Mar 29 2019 Great Sushi Spots for Dinner DatesCategory: About Me     01:35PM   0

sushi loving dinner date escort

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Feb 25 2019 Scuba Specials: Best Places to Take Your Luxury Companion (Me)Category: Specials     07:15AM   0

As a pisces, I can't help but love the water. I grew up in the ocean and on the lake, swimming horses through ponds and floating down rivers. And most of all, I love to SCUBA dive. I love studying for the tests, I love practicing for courses, and I loooove settling into a soft current and taking in the underwater world around me. Tour guides have said that I make them feel "delightfully useless" with my buddy skills for beginners, and random observers have eve

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Feb 15 2019 Mara Blake: Dancers body, beautiful mindCategory: Best Friends     04:26PM   0

I love how cerebral Mara is. She's quick, and you can tell she's always finding ways to make herself sharper. I love the ways she can play... with banter, with power, with skill.... there's something so scintillating about being with a real partner in crime. Someone who doesn't play a role, someone who is an experience. A thoroughly, eloquently, carefully crafted experience...

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Feb 11 2019 Books You Might LikeCategory: About Me     07:15AM   0

The Ethical Slut - Janet W. Hardy. Purchase
This book is exactly what it says it is. I think it has a million good ideas, even if you aren't polyamorous or particularly slutty ;-)
The Genius of Birds - Jennife

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Nov 21 2018 How To Fly Me To YouCategory: How To     01:50PM   0

Every escort gets requests to add cities she hasn't listed as a tour to her schedule. And while most women are happy to stick to their set schedule, some of us are willing to make a quick trip to cities we wouldn't necessarily plan to spend several days in just to see one person. This is commonly referred to as a "Fly Me To You" date, and they are really helpful if your opportunities for free time don't line up with her publicly posted tour dates, or if she h

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Aug 14 2018 Violetta Michelle: Slender MILF with Matching Red HairCategory: Best Friends     10:47AM   0

Oh. My. Goodness. Have I ever fallen in love with someone so fast?? I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Violetta, and I cannot recommend getting us together enough! Her body is amazing, her personality even better, the chemistry was instant! I adore her soft lips, her sweet voice, and her unbelievably smooth skin... The way she laughs and the way she immediately puts you at ease... Can you tell I miss her already?? ;-D Treat yourself to two pampering redheads, we know what to d

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May 14 2018 Lucy Bordeaux: Super Fit & Busty NYC BabeCategory: Best Friends     07:22AM   0

Lucy is a sexy little firecracker that I instantly fell in love with! She's cute, she's sweet, she's edgy but she's poised and she's definitely sexy... I love how multi-faceted she is! As soon as you see her smile, it's all you'll ever want... She hangs out in NYC, and we love to play together when I'm there! Of course, we're always happy to fly to you, too ;-)

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