What's it take to be Mr. Breeze? 

Brief Encounters - Don't have a lot of time on your hands, but still want to visit with the hot girl next door? Feel the need to get to know me before taking the plunge you know is coming? A lunch date with a little spinner is a great way to escape the mundane ;-)
***Please keep in mind that I have reflected the difference in cost to tour some cities, and be respectful of it if I forget to remind you over email. Tier 1 is desginated by a single *, and Tier 2 by a double ** on my calendar page.***
  • One Hour: *Tier 1 Cities $500, **Tier 2 $600 
  • Ninety Minutes:  *Tier 1 Cities $700, **Tier 2 $800
  • Two Hours:  *Tier 1 Cities $900, **Tier 2 $1,000
  • Three Hours:  *Tier 1 Cities $1,300, **Tier 2 $1,400
  • Four Hours:  *Tier 1 Cities $1,600, **Tier 2 $1,700 
Day Trips - The girls get "fantastic lady days", this is your equivalent. Treat yourself the way you know you deserve, and spend a few days with a hot redhead on your arm. ;-)
  • Field Trip:  6 hours to be spent however you choose! You'll have to feed me during this date (or any that last longer), but I am easily entertained ;-) $2,200.
  • Overnight:  Approximately 15 hours of dinner and dancing! If you're interested in a night on the town and at least seven hours of sleep with a girl friend, then the fee is $3,000. If you would like to pull an intense all nighter with a rock star, then the fee is $4,500. I have found that this is the most "fair", and helps make sure everything that has been dreamed is seen ;-)
Extended Dates - Really wanna get away? Come see why being a real companion is my specialty ;-)
  • 24 Hours:  Follow a "field trip" with some serious after dinner cuddling, then wake up together and get properly sent off to work for a change ;-) As a full 24 hours, this package includes an overnight, and follows the same pricing structure... If we plan a night of socializing and and dining, with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, our get together will be $4,000. All nighter? $5,500.
  • Friday - Sunday:   I am yours, and you mine. Let's spend it in a cottage, on a beach, or climbing mountains. The world is our oyster, and I want to see it with you! $6,000 with a regular amount of sleep, $8,500 without. Take me scuba diving and it's $4,500 ;-)
  • On Call:  Two "day trips" or two "overnights" per month. Payable up front, flights are additional. $5,000​

I can be your arm candy at the hockey game, your sexy SCUBA guide, or your weekend muse anywhere you choose.  If a brief escape on your lunch break just isn't enough or there are far too many miles between us, let's get away...  Fly me to you for as little as a 4+ hour booking and a round trip, direct (when available) plane ticket. I'm most happy when I get the chance to entertain for days, and I'd love to give you the opportunity to see why that has become my specialty ;-)

If you're interested in not-so-typical group activities, maybe you'd like to meet my friends, take a trip to the swingers club, or bring your best mate along, please inquire. Couples are welcome at an additional $250 per hour, and of course I have a few of my lady friends listed here. The only limit is your imagination!

Outcalls of 2-4 hours in the St. Louis area may take a $50 discount per booked hour. If the distance we must cover is greater than a quick drive over, please inquire with the details. I, too, prefer quality over quantity. And love "fly me to you" dates ;-)


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