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Open wide, let's dive inside...

Far too often we are told what we should and shouldn't do.  What we should and shouldn't like...  Well frankly, I don't give a fuck.  And here, neither will you.  Do not let the simplicity of a website layout limit your day dreams of what we can do.  Not, of course, that you ever have... 

Mental Fetishists...  Ohhhh I love role play.  I love really, truly getting wrapped up in the moment and playing up a story, it gets me off in a special sort of way.  Maybe I’m the naughty student you caught smoking out back, or the housekeeper that you’ve come home to with your wife, or maybe you just need a mommy to take your cares away for a few hours.  If your needs are more than skin deep, I can assure you, mine are as well. 

And the physical ones...  I have tiny little toes just begging for attention, and I love the smothered moans coming from under my ass as you praise it.  I’d love to watch you drink my nectar, or present a rainbow of colors to you...  I have tiny little hands, perfect for reaching all your special places, and a solid strap on if that doesn’t do the trick…  I was built for pleasure.  All of me ;-)

Or BDSM...  You know what else is really fun?  Combining the mental and physical into a full blown symphony.  I lean more towards the sensual side of domination… I feel that if you’ve been a good boy, you deserve a soft caress and kind word from your mistress.  If this is not your style though, by all means, let me know.  I am not sadistic or cruel unless asked, and in that case I have a very active imagination and wouldn't’t mind pushing the envelope with you.  I am happy to spank, spit, scold and smother to your hearts content.  In these situations, mutual trust, comfort, and understanding are paramount, and we will not escalate things until we have first mastered those building blocks to a great Dom/sub relationship. I'm not interested in bulls who want me to submit, but I am very interested in those looking for a safe place to explore their burgeoning sexuality. 

If you want to explore a little more of the unusual side of the spectrum with me, just shoot me an email and let me know how much experience you have with this, what your play style is, and what you’re thinking for our time together.  A video would be even better! I am a HUGE voyeur if nothing else.  I love peeking in on other people’s fantasies, and I love exploring the things that I don’t get to with the average lover. I am not squeamish, let me know what you’re thinking. Just want to give? Here's my wish list



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