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The Charming Alli Lux!
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Alli is a bubbly, vivacious, super fun girl I've had the pleasure of knowing since I started in 2012! I adore Alli, and could spend an entire evening listening to her funny stories! I love her laugh and how down to earth she is, I love that she's a real human being with a life and a personality and the ability to make you feel as if you're part of her world. Plus she's totally bi, which those who know me know I LOOOVE! ;-D But when it comes to a two girl show.... We promise we won't forget about you ;-)

Her Website:

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Our Rates
1 Hour.....  $1,000
90 Minutes.....  $1,400
2 Hours.....  $1,600
3 Hours..... $2,200
4 Hours.....  $2,800
6 Hours.....  $3,800


Milwaukee Redhead Escort


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