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Lily Renee... Exquisite!
Category: Best Friends
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Do you know why she's known as "Exquisite Lily"? The first thing you'll notice are her beautiful almond eyes, with a depth you can't quite pinpoint. Her soft, sweet hair falls down over her perfect, plump natural breasts... With just a peak of how lucky you really could be... I bet she'll laugh a little, as you trail down a tad lower, and your jaw finishes dropping, at how such an exquisite face could be attached to an equally scrumptious body. And don't even get me started on the way she whimpers and moans... I have to keep this page somewhat PG-13 ;-) I adore Lily. Whether she's guiding me to the best restaurant in town, cracking me up, or driving me wild, she's simply the best <3

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