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Star = Higher Rate
Duos Available in Every City
*DC 4th - 6th... duos available with Felicity Harte
Tysons Corner 6th - 9th... duos available with Felicity Harte
Richmond 9th - 11th
Raleigh 11th - 14th... Duos with Missy Mariposa
Greensboro 14th - 15th... Duos with Missy Mariposa
Charlotte 16th - 19th
*St Louis by Request
Kansas City, MO 4th - 5th
*Chicago 10th - 12th
Milwaukee 12th - 13th
*St Louis by Request
*NYC 6th - 8th
Philadelphia 9th - 10th
Phoenix 13th - 15th
Denver 27th - 30th
*St Louis By Request
Atlanta 23rd - 25th
Greenville SC 25th - 26th
Charlotte NC 26th - 29th
Greensboro 1st - 3rd
Raleigh 3rd - 7th
*New York City, Philadelphia, *Washington DC, Richmond VA
*Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee
June - August
Fly Me To You Only
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A * or ** next to your city designates what rate you will find here


Girl Next Door VIP Elite Escort

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