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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Mar 7 2020 Best Midwestern Spa Dates - Specials!Category: Specials     02:06PM   0

Before I leave the midwest, I want to see all the best places! Come with me? ;-)

Fine Print: Prices below include my time, our accomodations and treatments, and gratuities. You are responsible for our food (unless otherwise noted) and flights. You may book our treatments and room if you'd like, or I can book it all for us. Want to add additional treatments or experiences? Easy peasy! Just let me know :-)


Chuan Day Spa, Chicago Illinois
Eight hours of exploration - $3,700

  1. Leisurely lunch
  2. Chuan Chicago Signature Escape: 5 Wu Xing Elements In-One 
    • ​​Two hours. At the chime of Metal traditional Chinese Bianzhong bells, your elemental journey begins. A light application of Fiery Chuan Clove Thermal Balm is applied to key pressure points. Heated Wooden Chinese bamboo reeds are then used to stimulate meridian harmony combining the therapeutic elements of acupressure with various relaxation massage techniques, inducing a deep sense of calm. Relax as your entire body is then enveloped in Chuan Element of The Season Mud from the Earth, allowing the therapeutic elements and essential oils to infuse. Your stress will evaporate as your scalp is gently massaged with an intensive hair repair masque with keratin amino acids and rich emollients. Heated towels immersed in warm elemental Waters are used to cleanse the skin prior to a hydrating full body lotion application, completing this well-rounded journey through the five traditional Chinese elements of Wu Xing, resulting in the ultimate sense of well-being and relaxation.
  3. Couples Facials
  4. Accupuncture (optional & recommended!) +$100 each
  5. Dinner at our place ;-)

And if we're lucky, Exclusive VIP Suite Usage! While pricing is based on availability, so it hasn't been factored into this package, read how glorious those 45 minutes sound like they would be!
Our Chuan Spirit VIP Healing Liquid Pool & Oriental Steam Room is available for booking with any package or treatment both single and couples. Inside this luxurious suite, the Healing Liquid Pool uses highly sophisticated technology to combine three central therapies: Healing Liquid Therapy, Heliotherapy (light therapy) and Sound Wave Therapy. Specialized TCM healing liquids and herbal extracts are carefully selected and specifically tailored to the individual needs of the guest. Our Oriental Steam Room allows the heat to loosen and soothe tightened congested muscles.

Ara Spa, St Louis Missouri
Nine hour day date $2,600

  1. Lunch at the zoo or botanical gardens
  2. 100 minute couples massage
  3. Facials for two
  4. "Napping it off"
  5. Proof St Louis has good food, it's just I'm the only one who will tell you where to go ;-)


Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Scottsdale Arizona
Four day smorgasbord $10,000
Day 1: Arrive
  1. Late lunch
  2. Four hand massage
  3. "Relax in the pool"
  4. Dinner & show in town - comedy, live music
Day 2: Revive
  1. Morning Hike
  2. Massage 101 for Couples Class
  3. Cooking class for dinner
  4. Luk Pra Kope for our daytime treatment
    • Two hours. Meaning “to massage with medicinal herbs,” this journey begins with a kaffir lime exfoliation of the feet. Organically grown herbs are steamed, rolled and pressed along the energy pathways of the body. Coupled with Thai massage, the heated herbal compress soothes tired muscles, enhances circulation, improves joint mobility, and creates a sense of balance and harmony.
Day 3: Meditate
  1. One hour labyrinth walking meditation tour
  2. Bodhi stimulating body treatment - 2 hours of scrubbing, rubbing, and wrapping
  3. Facials for two
Day 4: Bring it home
  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. Accupuncture treatment
  3. Reflexology on hands and feet
  4. Late lunch in town
  5. Head home :-(

Izba Spa, Denver Colorado
Three day Denver retox - $6,600**

Day 1: Seek
  1. Arrive
  2. Arts & Pot Class
  3. Tasting Course
Day 2: Spa 
  1. Morning (marijuana infused) Meditation
  2. Extended Banya Experience - A 2.5 hour treatment that includes a hot tub session, massage, body mask, and banya treatment. Banya is the Russian practice of relaxing in the sauna and receiving an invigorating oak leaf & branch "massage". It seems weird at first, but I promise you, it's feels amazing in the end!
  3. Cat petting cafe
  4. Exploring for dinner
Day 3: Sin
  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. Cooking class for lunch
  3. Return to "Real Life"

LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas
Three day tasting menu $7,600 (meals included at resort)

Day 1: Arrive
1. "Lunch"
2. Espresso Fresco with a Shiradhara add on - One hundred pampering minutes of being scrubbed, rubbed and wrapped with invigorating coffee, bergamot, grapefruit, and more! Finish with an ultra relaxing shiradhara treatment - warm oil poured and massaged over our scalps for an additional 45 minutes!
3. Night out on the town! Live show, tasting menu, etc
Day 2: Water Day!
1. Morning Aquatic CranioSacral Massage - floating in a pool, our therapist will use light, specific touches to release tension in our central nervous systems.
2. Watsu -  It combines elements of stretching, joint mobilization, massage, Shiatsu, and dance to quiet the sympathetic and enhance the parasympathetic nervous systems.
3. Late lunch and nap
4. Picnic, prosecco, and paddling as the sun goes down
Day 3: 
1. Tour of Asia in the morning - 110 minutes of cupping, hari/acupuncture, moxibustion, and tapping
2. Facials for lunch
3. Early dinner and art museum before heading home
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Other Specials
* Bump our massage up to 80 minutes to be the love of my life ;-D
** Because market prices for some parts of this experience are so hard to judge, please be prepared to pay for/reimburse for all munchie style purchases. I would recommend budgeting at least $200 for the sake of me hating to disappoint and the gosh darn variety you can find.
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