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Feb 15 2020 How to Contact an Escort Series: Avoid Looking Like a Time WasterCategory: How To     02:30PM   0

Even after you've decided which companion is the one, it's still so easy to feel a little lost. How do you even contact an escort? And how do you get them to email you back? Everyone has different rules and preferences, and their styles all vary so much, it can be hard to tell if there are any actual guide lines you can follow as best practice when contacting a companion. And when you add in the already sterilized tone of the written word, that first email can seem like a mountain. While I can't guarantee you everything, I can help you craft a note that will be warmly welcomed, and help you avoid some common mistakes that can get your request ignored. For the first of this ongoing series, I'll teach you how to avoid being thrown into the "time waster" folder...


Raleigh Nc blue eyed red hair escortFirst and foremost, your best bet while constructing your introductory email is to look through the providers website, and see if they have an outline of their screening requirements anywhere. If they do, simply say "Hello, I'm interested in getting together in X city at Y time", attach your information, and wait! That simple act alone will make your email stand out from the crowd, and make your companions job so much easier that it immediately increases your odds of getting a response. From the start, you've established that you are a serious, experienced visitor. Or, if you're new enough that you don't have references, you're at least committed enough to *try* and get in the door. Making it easy for them to respond "Hey babe! Sunday at two works perfectly! Here's my number!" is the easiest and best way to make sure that every second is a great time, not a wasted one.


Seems pretty easy, right? So why does communication crumble after that? Well. Maybe it was you who didn't seem like a good bet. Maybe even after covering the basics, you came across as a dun dun dunnnnn... Time waster. Nobody wants that.


A major faulter point is expecting the girlfriend experience, but not participating in it. You don't have to write a long, fluffy email, but do speak to us like someone you would like to have a warm, ongoing relationship with. Use complete sentences, avoid any passive aggressive "I'm the customer" tones, be affirmative in your plans... and it becomes very easy to trust that this is a meaningful interaction for you. For example, "hey" just isn't that inviting. And you wouldn't send your girlfriend something like "Well... whenever you feel like being free I guess. Let me know and I'll look at my schedule then..." That isn't asking someone on a date, that's saying "I had thirty seconds to waste, figured it'd be on you". Kind of awkward, right? Alternatively, fifteen emails in two hours is a little overeager, and also implies you've got more time to kill than you're planning on spending with us. A respectful, friendly, intentional back and forth isn't just easy, it's fun to take seriously. And those are the emails we respond to.

Once it's clear you mean to treat us like a person, and that we'd like to spend time with you too, being aware of your own schedule is the next biggest litmus test. Are you wishy washy about your time, making it take a hundred emails to nail down your hour long appointment? Do things "keep coming up" even while scheduling, so you might just blow our date off on super short notice? Yes, everyone's busy, but this is important to you, it's important to your provider; act like it. Introduce yourself with your preferred day, city, and time frame. If you have a couple of options, include those too. It'll help your inquiry look serious, and it'll reduce your risk of missing out because someone else was more succinct. I've seen pros who travel so much they don't even respond to someone who doesn't include a specific date and time request, they simply don't have the availability left to even bother. Know your schedule, and don't expect to be able to hem and haw over it if you don't want to miss out to someone who just set the date.

You'll also want to avoid asking questions easily answered on the providers website. Most get a lot  of messages each day. Between direct emails, text messages, and notifications through the many various websites, there's a lot to sift through, and you don't want to get lost. If you ask things like "what are your rates", or "what is your schedule", you're running the risk of being ignored. First, you don't seem like you're sure you even want to see her. Like you may have sent out 100 messages to as many girls, and aren't even likely to respond yourself. Then, there's the fact that most professionals have spent a ton of time and money maintaining their web presence to answer these very questions in a very succinct manner for all the world to hear. And now, here you are, asking for even more time. She still has to spend more time responding to you, presumably draaagging screening information and a time frame out of you, it seems like a waste. Instead, send the screening information you're pretty sure they've asked for, and verify that X date at Y time - time at a rate of Z is correct if there seem to be discrepancies in their online postings.

petite redhead GFE Chicago IllinoisWhile I don't generally require deposits for short tour dates, a lot of escorts do. And let me tell you something, very little is as unattractive as a man who pretends he can't figure out how to send one. If you just aren't going to send a deposit to secure your time once she asks for one, be courteous, and apologize for not properly researching her booking protocol and wasting all her time screening and talking with you. If they give their preferred method of payment, be extremely discrete if a message is required in the memo line. "Companionship compensation for 3/3/2019 Raleigh NC" is NOT discrete. "Pizza" makes everyone happy. Another sure fire way to make an escort roll their eyes and stop replying to you after asking for a deposit? "I'll get it next Tuesday". Yeah. See you then, bud. Many escorts request deposits specifically to ward off time wasters, don't be one right at the finish line! 

Beyond the set in stone hurdles of efficiently screening and securing your time, and speaking to her in a way that says you deserve the girlfriend experience you're seeking, are the micro-details. Avoid sending ten emails in response to each one, and try to keep your communication to one email chain. This will help you too, because asking the same questions over and over again is more than a time waster red flag, it's a road block to getting what you want. The more time you both spend digging through old emails, the less you both have to curate a beautiful experience, and the less seriously an escort is going to take you. And if you're inquiring about a last minute appointment? It's doubly important that it's clear that you're doing your best to expedite the screening and booking process from your end by including all pertinent info from the get go. Telling an escort that you'll "send that over later" at any point in the booking process is a great way to get ignored. Bottom line... Make sure that the reason behind each email is clear, and most providers will be happy to answer them.

Time is precious, and I know you don't want to waste it. That's precisely why you're here. Lucky for you, treasured memories are just an email away... 





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