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Nov 21 2018 How To Fly Me To YouCategory: How To     01:50PM   0

Every escort gets requests to add cities she hasn't listed as a tour to her schedule. And while most women are happy to stick to their set schedule, some of us are willing to make a quick trip to cities we wouldn't necessarily plan to spend several days in just to see one person. This is commonly referred to as a "Fly Me To You" date, and they are really helpful if your opportunities for free time don't line up with her publicly posted tour dates, or if she has no intentions of coming to your city any time soon. I get a lot of questions about how fly me to you's work, and while everyone does things a little differently, I thought I'd write a little blog about how I plan mine! :-)

First things first, it's ok if we haven't met before. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to do proper tours as much as I would like. But it is easy for me to squire away for a day or a weekend. As long as you are happy to screen, I am happy to come out just for you! I have no reservations about meeting for the first time somewhere far flung from my snowy Missouri home.

Then, we have to figure out where and when our schedules can line up. It's really helpful to me if I have an idea of what works for you (for example, April, three weeks from now, or tomorrow), but I can also lead the way in suggesting a date when we could get together. The more time we give ourselves between initial brainstorming and our departure date, the easier it will be to have an delightfully erotic adventure. While I do try to be accomodating and would love to be able to pick up at a moments notice, I do usually need a little longer than that. I can plan, just usually not at the last minute ;-)

Now let's say that you've got some free time a couple of months from now, but I've posted a tour. Go ahead and ask me out! If I've literally just put a tour date on my calendar and don't have any bookings yet, I'm more than happy to plan something with you instead. If it's a week away from the trip though, I likely can't change my schedule. Bottom line: enough notice makes most things possible. I'm a glutton for pleasure, and love to have fun when and wherever I can ;-)

Once we've got the date and city set, we'll need to get flights and accommodations booked. Genuinely, I am not picky! If you've got a hotel you'll be staying in already, great! If you'd like for me to book one (or a cabin, or Air BnB, or a liveaboard, or anything you may desire), I'm happy to do that as well. I realize not everyone has the time to plan a romantic rendezvous, or the freedom to go booking things on their own credit cards, so I am happy to handle these details for you. In fact, I'm about to post some travel packages in my next blog that you might like if you're already reading here ;-)



Alright, alright. I know you've read this far because really, WHAT DOES IT COST? Not that much! Here is a breakdown:

  • The Deposit - 25% of our booked time. This is sent up front to secure our time together. Unlike when I'm on tour, there is no way to absorb the cost of your cancelation should you do so in these situations. So if you do, I don't want to regret planning around you when tours offer a lot more cushion for mishaps. The deposit is due as soon as you can get it to me (I try to be patient, but these are popular, so I really cannot hold time for "maybes"), and I accept Venmo, Gift Rocket, BitCoin, SmartPak, Amazon,, or Southwest gift cards. Your deposit is nonrefundable once we get within two weeks of our get together. Simply put, two weeks is the cut off where it goes from "meh, stuff happens!" to "Bud you really fucked me here", so that's where I draw the line on deposits for longer appointments and fly me to you's :-) Other than that nonrefundable note? Your deposit goes directly towards your booking. So say you send a $1,000 deposit on a $4,000 booking, you'll only need to bring $3,000 the day we meet.
  • Our Flights - I will always book my own flight, and you can forward the amount required to do so via the same methods as sending a deposit. Again, I'm not trying to nickle and dime you, this is just mitigating my risk. If the flight is $268.37 I'm going to ask you to send me $250 ;-p  If we are going to be flying somewhere together, just let me know, and I'm happy to book your flight as well as long as you send me enough to cover it. Especially if we are leaving out of different cities and converging in paradise, it can take some time and effort to line flight schedules up amicably. I don't mind cussing at the internet for you ;-p
  • Our Hotel - Unlike flights, you can totally book our accommodations if you'd like. Or, if you don't want it showing up on your credit card statement, shoot me a couple smaller, unobtrusive payments or gift cards that you won't have to explain and I can book our place. Just let me know which you'd prefer, and we can go from there :-)
  • Travel Time - Unlike many women, I (and I alone, by myself) am negotiable on this. Are you taking me somewhere I specifically asked you to? I might not charge for travel time at all. Are you asking me to fly to Yugoslavia for a two hour appointment? It's $100 an hour. I'm not unfair, and am not trying to make an extra $400 off your week long booking. I'll be very upfront and say that this aspect will depend on the logistics, but you can plan in the range of $50-$100 for each hour spent traveling to and from you for engagements lasting less than six hours. 
  • Final Payment - This amount should be in cash and will depend on how much you have already sent me electronically. While I can take the whole of your payment electronically, I am still not entirely comfortable with it. Many payment processors are unfriendly towards entertainers, and I would prefer to deal with them as little as possible. Those who know me also know that I on principle dislike the astronomical fees some of the more friendly processors use, too. It's not doing your part to empower us if your solidarity comes from a desire to take advantage of us, now is it? ;-p 


While everyone handles these requests a little differently, I hope I've answered a few questions you may have of me. And if I haven't? Post them below! I like to help, and am always looking for new ways to do it :-)




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