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Dec 14 2016 A Beginners Guide to Your Big DickCategory: How To     09:56AM   2

Now, I'm sure you have an idea of what a "big dick" is. You've seen the charts, heard the jokes, walked into locker rooms. But, "big" is relative. And I'm here to tell you that your dick is bigger than you think it is. Don't believe me? Science, man.

The average vagina is three to four inches deep. Unaroused. With excitement comes a little more flexibility - to about five to seven inches for the average woman - but there is only so much spare room in the human body. While some women can take more, the bottom line is, your four to six inches is likely more than enough to fill her up wholeheartedly. Bigger? It will hurt without any foreplay or consideration for her at all. So, what are you to do with this suddenly appreciated mass of man meat? You follow the directions below.

Step One:  Foreplay

If this hasn't been your best friend forever up until this point, get used to it! Foreplay can make or break a woman's ability to take your cock. I can't tell you how many times I haven't been able to thoroughly appreciate what's in front of me because I was rushed or handled roughly. Sharp fingernails or rough fingering with dry digits is a sure guarantee that Peggy's Parlor will be closed for business. Throwing her legs back behind her ears before saying hello will often put you at too deep of an angle far too fast. So take a few steps to make sure you're both going to get as much out of your encounter as possible. Check out my blog post about stimulating your lover with your hands, for example. Caress her body. Pull her close and don't be afraid to take her gently by the hair. Cup a hand under her breasts and lift her by the waist onto the bed, or tickle her clit with your tongue until you feel her shake a bit.... It's not necessarily about speed or order or technique even. You can do some or all of these things and more during a quickie. It's about touching her in such a way that her body releases the "YES!!" hormone. Each person is different, but I've found that a good general rule is to start gently and work your way up in intensity from there. A gentle tug of the nipples brings blood to the surface and gets her body ready to be touched more. A purple nurple is going to make her think of that bitch Mackenzie from 8th grade. Just like they taught you at football camp, warming up is important.

Step Two:  Entry
Stars have aligned. The heavens have opened. And this is all... for... you... WAIT. Once again, female anatomy needs to be taken into consideration. You see, even if we are thoroughly aroused and ready to go, most women can't immediately take a big huge cock in one thrust. This is for two reasons: the first being lubrication (easily fixable, and often necessary when working with someone thicker than a couple of fingers), and the second being, once again, simple physical limitations. You are sliding into her, so while you feel her pussy drag along your cock and take it all in, she is feeling the same thing in reverse. And while the cunt can be wonderfully elastic, sometimes some simple readjustments need to be made. Some women have these teeny tiny labia (lips), but for those of us with a little more, you don't want to pull the labia minora to the point that it tears. A few smaller thrusts in and out before plunging all the way in can help make sure that everything is intertwined nicely, and that you don't accidentally cause too much friction, putting her in a pinch. For those with a little more girth, yes, women are designed to birth babies. But, you still need to be careful you don't tear her by trying to spread her pussy open too fast. Do some smaller pumps before getting to the deep thrusts so that you can stretch her out right ;-)
Step Three: Changing Position
Some positions are easier for a woman to control, and therefore, be most comfortable while climbing aboard a big cock. Missionary and cowgirl are great because she can use her legs to guide you, and finish stretching herself out juuuust right so she can be ready for more action. Others require you to take the lead, and be very careful. Ramming into her so hard that you can feel the back of her pussy in doggy style is painful for a woman. A little tickle real deep can be nice, but think of it as stroking versus punching your balls. One's nice. One... Only for a certain few. You can run into the same problem when lifting her legs towards her ears in missionary. It changes the angle of her pelvis, brings everything into alignment in a different way, and can lead to a painful shot in the abdomen for her if you aren't careful. If you feel your partner suddenly tense her legs against you, her voice spikes sharply, or you physically feel her cervix with the tip of your cock, you may be going too deep or too hard. In contrast, some positions are only achievable by those as well endowed as you... Standing against the wall with her leg around you, face to face on your sides in bed, sex in the shower without contorting yourself to the point of risking life and limb... 
While this may be the first time you've realized you have a big dick, or the first time you're learning how to use one, with a little technique, every dick is a blessing ;-) In the quest to become a more effective lover, I know it can be easy to get bogged down in bland, repetitive advice. Each person is such an individual and there are so many ways to actually do things that a lot of sex tips are too general to do more than move you from one confused zone to another. It is my pleasure to educate, and I hope you'll stick with me for the rest of this series ;-)
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@Clay_57 said on 12-14-2016 at 3:25 pm:
This was interesting to hear from the woman's perspective. Especially since you mostly only get second-hand and either grossly exaggerated or most likely false reviews of encounters with providers on TER or ECCIE.
Definitely looking forward to reading more "tips and tricks" ;) from an expert out in the field.
NYGentleman said on 12-14-2016 at 12:37 pm:
Most of what you described is what I've done by "feel" for years; good to have the mechanics explained (and some things I did NOT know). Thanks for the lesson professor, may I have another??