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Dec 8 2017 How To Pull Her HairCategory: How To     02:20PM   0

Women have amazing hair. There, I said it. It's soft, it smells good, and it is so fun to play with. But women can be a little intimidating. Can I play with it? Will she like that? I want her to like me... With porn being such an unreliable source of information, and with my access to some of the most fun women around, I crowd sourced us a little how to ;-)

Let's start with the basics of playing with your lady love's hair. You'll want to grab the base of her hair, towards the root, regardless of if you're just gently fiddling with it or giving it a nice pull. The farther down the length of her hair that you hold, the more likely you are to pull her hair out, and the more uncomfortable it becomes. Hair pulling is kind of like spanking too, in that you need to warm her skin up if you want to do something more serious than a little tug. As always, start more slowly and gently, and work your way up in intensity. This will increase the circulation in her scalp, and make it less painful if you guys want to play a little harder ;-)

Now, what is a tug? A tug is nice, a yank is not. Remember that the chiropractor doesn't jerk your neck around to make a noticeable difference. If you feel more than the pressure you would while holding a large mug of coffee, and she has a low pain tolerance, you're already heading straight for Ouchland. Gently curl your fingers through her hair, and take a little time kissing her neck while you pull her head back. Pile her hair on top of her head while she goes down on you and hold it just firmly. The hottest part of the hair pull is what it communicates. Use it to create a feeling between you two, or to convey how you'd like to be treated. Sometimes, words just get in the way, and chemistry is all you need. If you'd like a slower, more sensual blow job, gently take her hair in one hand to pull it back, and wrap your other hand gently around her jaw and neck as she goes down on you, and show her how you like it (I like this, this is hot). Or, when she's on top of you, take a good handful of hair, look her in the eye, and give a little growl to show you're ready to get a little more animalistic. It doesn't have to be extreme to be mind blowing.

Sometimes, it's really, really hot to stand in front of a mirror while a woman goes down on you. Sometimes though, you find yourself in a situation where you two aren't quite angled so that you get a good look. In this case, make sure that you use her hair to gently guide her in the direction she needs to go so you guys can get a good view. You want to be careful not to jerk her over (on your knees can be a very precarious position) and accidentally drag her by her hair. I like when a guy takes the hair right behind my ears, and slowly turns as I keep my mouth on his cock. I can often get a glimpse of myself slinking along the floor this way, and it makes me wet to watch myself...

Laying back and getting incredible head is one of life's greatest and simplest pleasures. And having a beautiful woman look up longingly at you while she does it? Oh. My. God. Sometimes, you can't help but grab her face and have a look. This is another time that a gentle lift is hot, but a jerk is not. Rather than grabbing the back of her hair and abruptly pulling up, gently drop your hands down the side of her neck, and cradle her head in your hands while you soak in the feeling of her mouth. Bring your hands up, and gently take a handful of hair, following her motion and savoring her last few thrusts. Then, tighten your grasp a little, and slooowly bring her up off your cock, letting yourself take her in as she pulls back and brings her eyes to you. Now look at that smile. ;-)

Along those same lines, in doggy style, keep in mind you can only pull back so much. At a certain point, you'll bring her head back so far it hurts her neck, so she arches her back differently, and all of a sudden you two are doing some weird, uncomfortable version of K-9. Personally, I have found keeping my arm out straight and using the hair pull as a hot extra while pulling her back onto my strap on, mainly by the hips, is the safest place to start. Most women love the feeling of being taken back onto a cock, and the sensation on her scalp without any neck contortions really adds to it. And she'll let you know when and if she wants more. You know how it is once you get a woman going... ;-)

There are a few times that you shouldn't pull her hair though, and they're not all super intuitive, so I thought I should  mention them too :-) Wigs and extensions are not as sturdy as real hair, and much more expensive. If you happen to notice that your partner has added these, be careful, and ask before you touch. Getting her hair colored can also make her scalp very tender. If you can smell the hair dye (you'll know, it's not the same smell as run of the mill hair products) because she just got it done, be very gentle. I'm not sure what chemical in the hair dye makes the scalp so sensitive, but it usually passes in a few days. Along these same lines, certain processes can make hair really weak and prone to breaking, like bleaching or frequent dying. Blondes will really appreciate it if you are very careful not to pull out a clump of hair, or just flat out ask them if they like their hair pulled from the start. Even if she doesn't say anything, if you start to notice you're taking your hand away from her hair to find more than a few strands still wrapped around your fingers, you're damaging her hair... a lot. Stop or deescalate. Finally, hair accessories get tangled very quickly. If you've gone out and she's got some sort of pin or fancy updo, ask her if she'd like to take her hair down and get a little more comfortable before burying your hands into her cascading waves. Some things are beautiful to look at, but get very stabby very quickly. You'll both be glad they were removed before you started to play! ;-p

I hope this will be helpful to you, and you can enjoy your next excursion a little more ;-) Just remember the few guidelines - stay close to her scalp, be careful, communicate, and have fun!




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