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Feb 26 2016 How To Write Escort Reviews - Part 1: The Good ReviewCategory: How To     02:05PM   0

First of all, BRAVO! Gentlemen callers that care about doing well by the ladies they see do not get enough credit. Because of this, most of the conversations about reviews can seem overwhelmingly extreme, with views that fall in the middle of the spectrum often getting lost in the fray. They're polarizing because, well, "Erotic" reviews are a beast of their own. There's so much (or sometimes so little!) to having a good experience, how exactly are you supposed to convey it? How do you write a review that's helpful to the lady who rocked your world and to the people who will be reading it? And... while certainly a potentially hot topic, how do you write a review for a session that was less than you hoped?

While our current options could be better, there are benefits. So if you're wondering whether the provider you're thinking of would be receptive to a review (because not all are), just ask! Even a quick blurb, while sometimes anticlimactic for her if she likes reading them, can help boost a ladys' credibility (if she's new), or get you a few free days of VIP (if you need it) on various review sites. Many women have more of a problem with the tasteless accounts that are posted than the idea of verifying that she is safe and pleasant to meet with. And though an eloquently written review almost always puts a smile on a womans' face,  don't feel pressured to embellish so much that she won't recognize who the encounter may have been with, either. When it comes to the "juicy details", there is a line between scrawling your thoughts in marker across a bathroom stall and helping Danielle Steel with her next back cover, so just aim for that, and you'll probably have a hard time writing something most a woman wouldn't appreciate or a review database wouldn't accept.

It is very important, however, that you remember that anyone can read this. Don't direct people to the Hilton on the cross street of Holy Hell and Hail Mary. Putting that kind of information in your text can lead people to her apartment, if that's where she's hosting, or tip unsavory people off to hotels that she frequents. This applies to tattoos and personal information she may reveal while you're together, too. Even if you think she has epitomized the concept of "Body Art", you can say that without putting in print a definite link to her real identity. If she mentions she has four kids, you can still espouse how she somehow manages to look so awesome without helping a family member zero in on something they suspect. Obviously a woman who shows her face or tattoos is a little more "out" than others, but you get the idea :-)  

I may have removed my reviews from websites with unfriendly environments once my business was sustainable enough to focus solely on ad platforms that keep safety and mutual respect in mind, but I've seen the effects of each "flavor" of review first hand - from my own outstanding record, to the kind of bland ones everyone gets, to the less than stellar notes on co-whorkers and friends. Thanks to the agency where I started and my own intense network of gal pals, I've learned quite well what happens after a review. SO, if you really believe in the review system - and want to do your part in creating a more positive outlook towards types that require a written submission of your own creation - then I think I can help. Or, at least stop you from inadvertently harming the lady you're reviewing. Who knows? Maybe an option and community can be made that changes the minds of a few more naysayers ;-)

Let's start with the general, things went well review. What? I like to assume you've always had good taste! I'll cover the less than positive review next week.

Some websites, like those I don't participate in, care more about a string of locker room acronyms than they do about information. Anyone can twirl around and do a few tricks. But what about the rest of the experience? The hours you spent researching, communicating, screening, and getting to your appointment with such a fine lady that you are thinking of telling the world about her? Trust me, I know some people are more fun to hook up with than others, so don't take this as a statement that your review should be dryer than Darwin's "On the Origin of the Species". Think of these as additional praises to sing ;-)

Remember when you thought all you wanted to do was show up? I think a lot of people start out like that. But, as experience is gained, so is a little insight into what you want. Other people are the same way, and newbies will benefit from a little more in depth recollection than "BBJCIMNQNS". Did she have a dog or a pet pig with her? Let your readers know, so that they can double check if they're allergic or double their time if they've always wanted a miniature goat. Some women are faster than others at responding to emails, and that works on varying levels for the men who try to contact her. I, for example, am not a good person for people looking for same day appointments to contact. With "real life" obligations, I often only get to my email every other day. Others are much more responsive, though, and I would hate to take money from her and fun times from him because he didn't realize that I mean it when I say "I have 4-6 hours of studying per day". Did she provide good directions to her hotel? Out of towners or those in busy cities who need to plan may really need to know that, and nobody likes wandering around a hotel lobby looking lost. Some men may be fine if her web presence - her calendar, her rates, etc - as a whole isn't totally up to date, and feel they can double check via email just fine and dandy. Some don't have time for that or find it awkward, though, so it can be helpful to mention if you found the information presented on her listing to be accurate. And while you may not be able to mention it in your review, should it be allowed, the advertising venue that you found that listing on can even be worth bringing up. Especially if a girl doesn't have a website, it's nice for whoever is reading your review to know where he may be able to find her next tour dates, and it gives her valuable feedback on her advertising efforts. Surely, she wants to find you again ;-)

If you do something on the BDSM side of things, make sure that you make it known that you discussed what was and was not ok. I know it can be nerve-racking to reveal yourself on the internet for all to read, but in the pursuit of discretion, this is not something you should leave out, or get so excited writing about that you forget your words will attract a certain clientele for her. For example, I quite enjoy straying from more vanilla activities. But whenever someone wrote a review that left out the part where I was clearly asked if it was ok to do X, I experienced a definite uptick in clients who weren't interested in consent. Fun fetishists know they have specific tastes, and they don't go about expressing them like a bull in a china shop. They know what they like and they know what they won't do, and they are very comfortable with granting other people those same freedoms. They are highly aware that it takes two people having a good time to make a scene, and genuinely want things to go smoothly. And they will be looking to see that the lady in question knows how to craft that experience. Whether it be from a lack thereof, or a deeper issue, some people aren't aware of those nuances, though. While a green fetishist is fun to guide along and will benefit from a heads up on how to communicate in his new endeavor, someone who wants to come in and just slap a woman around is not, and will be looking for a woman who sounds like she can be taken advantage of. This is your chance to help her avoid the latter in the double-edged sword that is "erotic reviews".

Then... there's the overall atmosphere. Often forgotten, but always important! I for one, have been very pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles ladies provide doing this! The niches, the specialties, the trademarks and the quirks, there really is a girlfriend experience for everyone! There's a particular reason you enjoyed being around her, so don't forget to mention if you felt like you were at a spa, in a dungeon, with your high school sweet heart, or on a porn set. Were there special requests that she made happen for you? Is there a "scene" that beautifully played out? Let people know if she paid close attention to any customizations you requested! Going along with this... the length of time that you spent together can also be very helpful. If a lady really rocked your world for three hours, you don't want a bunch of other people to book 90 minutes because they're concerned about having the same chemistry with her that you did... and leave wondering why they didn't have as much fun. Mentioning whether this is your first visit or fiftieth visit can also help a reader weigh your review and decide what kind of relationship they and your muse may have. Some only want to meet a lady once, others want a mistress, and establishing that you've met numerous times can ease the worries of the one timer, and encourage the one who isn't sure if he's gotten a good enough feel for her from her website. Reviewing on your "anniversary" (should one come up) helps to keep her profile fresh and establish that she is no one trick pony, should anyone be wondering while she's pleasing you over... and over... and over again. Informing your readers just how much she stands out rarely disappoints any of them ;-)

Mutual enjoyment is what takes the moment to a whole 'nother level. Writing a review that includes a bit more than an alphabet soup can help you give more than the gift of your donation for months to come, and help your fellow callers make good choices in the future. Making note of what she does well, and conveying her personal style, will help other gentlemen see if she's the right one for them, and will help attract people that she enjoys being around. One of the cooler things about the on call lover system is that you never know what will turn someone on, but helping them feel comfortable sure does help no matter what the kink is! The above information is helpful to all parties, and if you're going to write a review, that might as well be the way you do it, right? I hope this takes some of the mystery out of reviews, and helps you confidently pen your next... Next week, I'll be posting what to do when you're considering a negative review ;-)





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