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Jan 18 2016 The Importance of "You Time"Category: General Topics     02:35PM   0

America doesn't seem to have caught on to the beauty of "island time". Yes, we all have to do things, at least every once in a while, but it's hard to remember to take some time to ourselves in a culture of workaholics. All work and no play really does make for a Dull Dave. No one means to fall into a rut, it's usually just a matter of circumstances that "one day..." you won't have to deal with. Sometimes, the rut just sneaks up on you, and you are absolutely stumped at the last time you did something for yourself. R & R is more than sitting on the sofa, enjoying yet another movie marathon. It's getting out of your shell; doing something that leaves you rejuvenated, and with a smile on your face for days. 

A recent SCUBA trip reminded me of this. For those who have never had the pleasure, it's a zero gravity experience inside of an incomprehensibly large fish tank. The best way to stay down for a long time and enjoy yourself is to find your center, balance your body, and breath. Relaxing into the soft current, you watch as the sea life go about their day, seemingly oblivious to you. The difference compared to land living is so stark, you can't help but focus on the dive and nothing else. Adjusting back to life above the waves on the way back for lunch, it's hard not to feel a new way of living coming on... your mental space forever changed, and for the better.

It's so important to have something that touches you... Something that brings a little bit of beauty into your every day life. You are so sexy with a pep in your step. Having that escape lets you recharge, and begins a beautiful rubber band effect. When your mind and soul are at ease, you can focus on what the rest of the world thinks is important, and everything else rockets forward, seemingly effortlessly. It's the power of taking care of you, darling. Nothing can happen without you, so don't let anyone convince you to ignore yourself. Your version of the "spa day" is all it takes to reset and prepare to take over the world. And thanks to the times we're in, you're always just a click away ;-)





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