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Dec 26 2015 An Overview of Verification WebsitesCategory: General Topics     02:26PM   2

Once you start thinking about meeting a professional companion, one of the first things you'll probably notice is how difficult it is to find someone to "take the risk" of seeing you. And once you've got your foot in the door, you'll notice that there are some pretty industry standard requirements (phone, email, name, references) that you'll have to provide over and over again. Because of this, most gentlemen will sign up for a verification website once they have a few "references" under their belt. I am a huge fan of both Date-Check and P411, as they seem to be the most user friendly for each of us, and are accepted by las chicas in most regions. Like most things though, even something meant to make this easy can be confusing at first, and there are a few common misconceptions that can lead you astray. I am intimately familiar with the sites I mentioned, so most of what I say here will be centered around them, though there are others that may be helpful depending on what area you're in. 

One of the things that I would really like to emphasize before going into all of this is that, first and foremost, these websites are a holding area for your information. They make the basics of screening easier for both of us, but if the woman you are contacting requires more, she requires more. Your full name, employment information, birth date, or blood type will not be included in any contact requests you send through these services, and if she wants that information, you will have to decide if you are willing to go through her screening protocol or move on. These websites only allow for the convenience of not having to copy and paste your reference information and your contact details over and over again. They should not be considered in and of themselves to be your "in" with whomever you'd like to meet; just an excellent starting point that will open doors with most that you will contact.

For the ladies you meet, screening you through these services is exponentially easier. Exponentially. I cannot emphasize that enough. Searching for another providers website, trying to figure out whether not I can verify her, searching through our emails and copying all your details over and then waiting for a response is time consuming and inefficient. Not to mention, not all women are consistent with their references. Some don't check their emails often, some will come back with "ask him X question" to see if they can remember you, and some are just so busy that she means to respond but never gets around to it. With a verification website, there is none of that back and forth just to prove that everyone is a real person. On Date-Check and P411, I know whether the provider on your "OK" list is active immediately, because the website tells me. I don't have to waste our time emailing with you trying to figure out if you meant Candy452 or Candy Jones or Candy Cane, the correct lady to talk to is already there. She doesn't have to worry that I am an unknown provider either, and can feel comfortable answering any questions I may have, because I too am on a reputable verification website. These websites make the screening process so much easier for the ladies that most of us even offer a discount when contacted through them.

For you, verification sites essentially eliminate the need to do anything but say "I would like to meet you on Tuesday, at 3pm.". The contact information that you will always be asked for is neatly provided either on your profile, or in your appointment request. Your references are all right there, so you don't have to try to remember who you've met in the last six months (especially helpful if you don't do this a lot), and you don't have to go searching for past partners contact information to pass along to the lady you would like to meet. And once again, we don't have to waste valuable getting to know each other time trying to figure out how to get in touch with your references, and you don't have to worry that someone who was more prepared will get the appointment time that you wanted. I've heard so much about the ease of scheduling through these websites that I always make sure that I send a free six month membership to anyone I know that doesn't have an account yet.

I think that as long as websites like P411, The Veri Guide, DateCheck (Compromised in 2017), RS2K (Compromised in 2016), etc are used judiciously, they can be excellent tools for everybody.  Though no website is perfect, we can protect the integrity of the sites ourselves by using them frequently and correctly, and always making sure that we are seeing verifiable, safe people (or at least, as much as one can). SO! If you do decide to take the plunge and sign up, use your profile the way it was intended. Keep it updated, fill out the information fields (some of us pay attention to them!), and be comfortable with what it can and can't do for you. And most importantly, have fun with it ;-)


Now that we've looked at the benefits of using a verification service, let's cover some common misconceptions.  

  • I have an account and no references and that should be ok - Some may accept this, others smartly do not trust screening info they don't have access to (not a comment on the websites, a comment on due diligence). You are off to a good start if you've applied to a verification service with no references, but it doesn't mean that you will eliminate all the steps that "newbies" have to take to get started here.
  • I have an account and three year old references and that should be ok - Same as above. Yes, old references could mean that you've taken a break. It could also mean that your account has been compromised after trying to get in with someone who doesn't screen after your hiatus, or that no one will see you again, or that your account is being used by law enforcement who doesn't need ok's, just a meeting. If you haven't had an ok in 6 months, it can be a red flag for professional companions. Expect varied mileage, just as the guy with no references. 
  • I have P411 and don't have to provide more screening info - Can you imagine if I said "I don't care that you want to see a picture of me, I am on this random website and you will accept these handful of guys that I've hand picked to say I'm hot and you will trust it!"? Yeah. It would go over like a lead brick. If she requires more, she requires more. P411 isn't going to help her if she needs help with you, and she knows that. No amount of arguing or pointing out your Ok's is going to change that fact or her mind. So don't even bother trying to sidestep her screening methods. Accept that everyone is different, and move on if you're not willing to meet her on her terms.
  • Even though the rules of the website I'm on specifically say my ID has to match the profile number, it doesn't - Yes, yes it does. This is how the lady you're meeting verifies that you are the person who she's been talking to! If you refuse or can't verify your account with your drivers license, the administrators of each website will have a talk with you about it. Wouldn't it suck to pay a membership fee and develop your page, only to get banned because you didn't update it when you moved and changed your ID? This is such a simple step, I'm always a little confused when someone gets upset about it. Be able to claim your account, it's nobody else's!
  • Show my drivers license?? You're crazy! - Au contraire. Crazy is not caring that the person you're meeting is who they say they are, or hoping that your new lady friend meets people without making sure they're not a cop first. Per P411, you can cover information that isn't necessary to match the drivers license with your P411 ID. But you do have to prove the first name, birthday, last four digits of your DL number, etc. Guys share accounts, accounts get compromised, and the references mean far less than any of us wish they did in the grand scheme of things. So it is important for ladies to check that you are who you say you are, and for guys to participate correctly. I'm not saying every time you show your ID God saves a kitten, but it's close ;-p


Great, I'm ready to go! Which one do I choose???

In short, it depends on what's valuable to you. P411 is widely used, has a beautiful layout, and super responsive staff. Date-Check is less expensive, and gives the ladies the ability to give you varied recommendations. If she's met you once, she can say "recommended", because you were clean and respectful. If she knows you well, or you really blow her socks off, she can give you a "highly recommended". I frequently get contacted for more information regarding my P411 ok's, but rarely my Date-Check references, so I can only assume that I am not the only one who feels this way. Because of this, I trust Date-Check references more, but not enough to use it exclusively. You really can't go wrong with either! **UPDATE** Date-Check has been compromised, and I recommend The Veri Guide in it's place. It has a very similar set up.


Why should I care if you like the references on The Veri Guide more?

Being able to control the reference I give has subtle but far reaching benefits for both of us. If a lady doesn't like a client she's met on P411 and he sends her a reference request, she basically has to give an ok, or deal with a guy who knows why she won't, but feels entitled to one anyways. It is unfortunately an easily abused system. This means that the awesome guy gets the same ok as the guy who was nice and he gets the same ok as the guy who threatened a girl until she gave him one. It might be a little "go team", but everyone absorbs some of their workday. I dislike knowing that a lady may have a poor time with a guy who I barely felt inclined to ok, only to pass that deflated attitude on to you during your appointment. If you've rocked my world and deserve some good karma, someone else shouldn't ruin it! I love giving out "Highly recommended" ok's on The Veri Guide. It might sound cliche, but it's my way of saying "Treat him nice!", lol! I can also give a guy a reference as a "no-show", an option that's unavailable to us on P411. What if someone got the time you wanted using P411, then never showed up, just like he hadn't with the last five women he promised to meet? Then both you and the lady who declined your request are out a good time! It's just another tiny detail that could so easily make your day.

Kind of in line with that, I can initiate an OK on The Veri Guide, but on P411 you have to ask me for a reference. Being able to handle this myself helps you keep your profile up-to-date without having to actively manage it. Providers also receive points towards advertising when they give OK's, and they are much easier to accumulate when we can just give them out as they come. 


I hope that this has cleared a few things up, tickled your interest, and provided a little insight into the nuances of my side of things. I would be happy to keep this updated, and will keep an eye out for any future questions that I may be able to expound on!





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Charlotte said on 12-28-2015 at 11:46 am:
I'm sure they're always working! Gina and her team are the real selling point of P411; they are very helpful and attentive. I'm sure the majority of the problem is the time and expense of changing things on such an intricate website. Maybe one day we'll see it ;-)

You're very right about the benefits of getting a girls hopes up after a good reference, hehe! Even professional companions get first date jitters sometimes, and knowing that she can relax and expect to have a good time can make all the difference! And, I think most guys deserve a more personal touch than "he's just ok". I'm able to give out so many good references that it would be nice to find a way to log it once so I don't have to type it all out over and over again. I think it's a good problem to have ;-D

Thank you for commenting! Xoxoxo!
Erik said on 12-28-2015 at 5:43 am:
Sounds like P411 has some opportunities to improve. Gina and her staff working on that stuff? I would think, like you said if providers could rate the clients and add some notes (clean, polite, good tipper) that would make it 1,000,000% more useful.

But I guess they make the improvements for the clients since that is where they get most of their revenue from.