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Oct 4 2015 Have you ever felt a wild connection?Category: About Me     10:30PM   0

Fair warning, I am a scientist at heart and love weird animal books. But, I think I've found one that fits nicely between being a repetitively easy read and becoming too academic to be enjoyable. It's called Wild Connection, and I am so glad that it made it into the arm load of books I carried out of Barnes and Noble the other day! Jennifer Verdolin really does an excellent job of winding her way through different animal relationships, and making the suddenly obvious connection to our own behaviors in an enlightening but not-too-serious manner. While the book is not quite G-Rated, it does provide some interesting conversation pieces, and even a few tidbits that I think could use some hopefully helpful elaborations for your sexier times...

For example, you may have heard that the male Praying Mantis doesn't always make it through the end of his little courtship dance. Now before you go all "Oh, my Charlotte, how morbid!", he gets his in the end*. Anyways, to help prevent this he maintains unwavering watch over the females body language, because he knows that's his best chance of enjoying this whole scenario, not to mention making it out alive. No, I am not suggesting you have to worry that much, but it does really drive the "long approach" home, doesn't it?! So when you're with your lover, don't be afraid to stop and spend a little time where you are. Circle those nips a few more times, trail down the side of her ribcage with your thumb, caress her soft thighs... Read her body as you try something new, and watch where it all goes. There's no need to rush. Spend the time making her whole body feel electric, and you won't believe the... ahem... doors that will open up. Even if you don't need to worry about losing your literal head  wink

*but seriously though, there's a nerve in their head that triggers "all systems go" if it's severed and everything. Pretty crazy!

A quick google of Birds of Paradise will show that the males have developed striking iridescent colors and intricate dances. They are truly stunning, and it's all because the females are very picky, sometimes easily swaying for generations one way or another after researchers made simple modifications to the males appearances. Luckily, that's not where you've found yourself today! You don't have to dress yourself up like you're going to a black tie affair, but you can still take a couple cues from the Birds of Paradise, and dare I even say the ladies you seek. I always feel ready to take on the world with a nice set of lingerie underneath whatever I'm wearing, and a set of heels always puts a sway in my hips that makes me feel like I can take on anything. You don't have to change your entire wardrobe, but when you feel sexy, you are sexy. Even something as small as having an extra glass of water the morning of your get together (dehydration saps your energy), and making sure you have a good breakfast can make all the difference. You want energy! You are about to go charm the pants off a hot young lady, you don't want to be tired when it really counts! And don't forget the aphrodisiac of a good shower, or especially a hot bath together. If you've had a long day at the office, start your evening off right by showering it all away. Get in there and let the steam loosen you up while she changes into something sweet. If you've got the time and the room for it, slipping into a hot bath is even better. I love to mix some salts, oils, and bubbles together, turn on some music, and relax before padding out to bed in the nude. I always step out feeling like a brand new woman, and the soft sheets feel so good afterwards. Get the most out of visiting your date by enjoying the mental and physical aspects. Not only will she feed off of your energy and be at her best, but you can have experiences that you've never dreamed of just by looking and feeling ready for them. You don't even have to get an ombre dye job and learn a new dance!

And let me tell you something about monkeys just in general... They DO IT. You wanna talk about some kinky little fuckers, they are it, covering the entire relationship spectrum. They use sex to establish relationships, resolve issues, exchange for goods, celebrate, because they're bored... Pretty much everything before procreation. And their family dynamics are wildly variable too. They'll range from complete monogamy, to all out free for alls amongst the whole group, sometimes with the whole group. What can we learn here? Just be you, baby. Someone out there is going to like it. One of the things that I love about this weird little version of speed dating is that, worst case scenario, you met someone nice and had a good time. Even if maybe one person didn't quite tickle your fancy, there's always someone new to meet that you might click with. And when you do find that person, you get to grow and create your very own, very sexy dynamics. Like a tiny little microcosm of the monkeys. Want to go to a swingers club? There's someone that would love to do that! (Hello!) Want to explore a little bit of the dominance play that you know just wouldn't fly elsewhere? There are some ladies out there who could probably write a Grammy winning script the way they can craft a scene (Have you met my friend Kitten?). Want to explore the wonderful world of cake stomping? You can probably find someone. At least on the internet... Where were we? Yes! If you've made it this far, you've found the way to have the relationship that's you were always meant for. A way to have your cake and eat it too, if you will. To live all your fantasies. We may have come a little farther than the monkeys, but we don't always have to  wink

Birds are kind of cool like that too, by the way. 

Obviously, I loved this book, but I promise I haven't given the whole thing away; I've hardly even scratched the surface! It was written by Jennifer Verdolin, an animal behaviorist who specializes in social and mating habits, so it's definitely got more than a few things you've never heard of before. It's a fun look from a new perspective, and I totally recommend picking up a copy!







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