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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Jun 17 2016 What is your favorite appointment length?Category: About Me     06:20PM   0

Recently, and frequently over the years, this question was posted on a discussion board. As usual though, it devolved into something off topic... This is obviously something clients wonder about on a regular basis, and honestly, who better to ask what seems to work out best than the person most intimately acquainted with the service? Everyone is different, but I figured it would be a good source of me-to-you insight for my next blog post. In fact the subject is so winding, there are a few things I will expand on in later musings... So prepare yourself, my thoughts are coming!

While I do offer hour long appointments when I have the time (i.e.. spring breaks), my favorite date when meeting someone (especially if we are new to each other) is 90 minutes to two hours. It's not that I have a problem with the hour option, that can be quite fun as well. But, when you don't know someone, an hour can feel a little like a hit and run. You both tend to leave a little dazed and confused about what just happened. A little longer gives us time to get comfortable, and allow the tension to build naturally; without feeling so staged. And it prevents the experience from being stopped... short. Without taking away the fun of the nooner ;-) It also gives me time to get to know you. I try, but I'm not a mind reader. I hate feeling like it's a choreographed session instead of a customized experience, and sometimes it can lean towards the former when time rather than quality is of the essence. I don't have as many opportunities to feel you out, and you don't have as many to show me what you need, so we compromise. Thirty minutes or an hour more doesn't seem like much, but even I was surprised at the difference it makes when I first started doing this. Since then, I've only begun to believe it more. So much so, that I've become a solid 90 minute devotee when it comes to massages myself ;-)

When it comes to "Lunch/Dinner Dates", a lot of providers tout the 4 hour date as the best option. Don't get me wrong, you are not going to find me turning down food. But, I like the 6-8 hour version of the dinner date. Simply put, I am usually the "well, we're here, we might as welllll..." types. If you've already taken 4ish hours off work, you might as well take off the whole day, right? If you're going to get lunch together and hang out until you're both hungry again, you might as well get dinner, riiiight? Haha! I also go 15 over if I speed. If I'm going to get a ticket, I might as well make it worth it ;-P  With the six to eight hour package, you can make it to my place in time to "say hello", rest over lunch, and get a little vigorous as our energy allows in between mutual massages or a quick outing before hitting another restaurant and sending each other home for the night. Maybe even stopping by my place again before you head out ;-) You could take a half day, like you're going to the doctors, leave a little longing, and savor 'til next time. Or, since you're going to take the majority of your day to devote to "me time", you may as well treat yourself and go for the whole thing! 

If we've met a couple of times, I really like overnights. At this point, not only do we like each other, but we know each other, and they take a boring Wednesday night and turn it into a sexy, sultry sleepover! We don't have to worry about the time, just enjoying it. Having a good meal before staying up a little too late talking about life and all the cool things we're going to do with it is one of my favorite things to do. And snuggling up and then sleeping in before having a lazy "breakfast"? This is the girlfriend experience. Should you find the time to sneak away, the fun starts here ;-)

And weekends... How could I not love weekends? It's like an overnight on steroids! Getting away for a few days... without the phone, the computer, the responsibilities... all with the perfect date on your arms. There will be no sudden "But, what do we do with little Debbie. Her Algebra teacher blah blah wah wah wahhhh" in the middle of dinner, or "Why are you sitting in paradise, surrounded by girls in bikinis, and looking at them, DAAAVE?"  We don't have those kinds of strings. We don't have those kinds of worries. It's just you and I, and the gorgeous world around us waiting to be explored.

No matter what we end up doing, everyone needs to recharge. And why not with a honeymoon experience? Stars in our eyes and our hands roaming god knows where... Nothing but adoration in my eyes... I crave the moments that pull you in and leave you breathless at how there could be only two in the whole world. No matter the length of time, it's the intensity that I want. The hand to grab as we fall into the dream. The eyes that twinkle back. Come away with me...





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