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Jun 25 2015 Ohhh lover I found another fantastic lingerie store!Category: About Me     12:40PM   1

This time, in Washington DC. It's not that I need more reasons to visit the capitol, but this may be making my trips out there a little more frequent! First of all, Le Bustiere has a fantastic collection of high end lingerie. I could even find body suits to fit my lythe frame, and my girlfriend was able to pick up some corsets and bras to wrap her luscious DDD's in. That is hard for one store to accomplish!! Not to mention, the woman who owns the store is incredibly friendly and helpful, with excellent taste! She's only been set up for a year, but trust me. She's got it. (The undies, and she's kinda sexy)

So often, we ladies are limited to something from the local sex shop (usually cheap, usually doesn't fit very well), or ordering online and praying that the super expensive outfit arrives and is flattering enough to wear, because most items are non-returnable. I'm very excited to have found this store, and I would love if you would support them as well! You don't even have to get something for me to do it ;-p

For now... here is the information for the store. Keep an eye out for new pics in my collection from them in the future. Grace Collins and I are scheduled to show them off in Chicago at the end of July ;-)







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Lingerie Addict said on 07-15-2015 at 2:49 pm:
Thank you for the post on the boutique! I just found it...