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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Jul 1 2015 Help with the HandyworkCategory: How To     11:14AM   0

Bless you guys, for coming to me with questions. After a recent conversation about keeping my nails short so as not to displease any female lovers I may take, the next obvious topic seemed to be... "well, I trimmed my nails. Now what?" So here, I will tell you w-hut. A quick list of my go to moves when playing with women... 
1) Seal the envelope
     You know how right before you seal an envelope, you give it a couple gentle licks, lay it down nice and soft on a table, fold the edges over, and gently slide your fingers across the edge and press it closed? Not to hard to prevent any wrinkles, not so soft the it doesn't stick... It's that kind of move, and one of the basics of handy work. Start at the front of her pussy, and gently rub your flat fingers and palm up, down, sometimes all around. You can do this hard or soft, her body will probably tell you what's working ;-) The point here is to tease and get her excited, not to see if her clit can reach her taint. Make sure you are rubbing, not scrubbing, and don't be afraid to incorporate a little lube or massage oil to get things going. A nice variation on this is using just two fingers in a peace sign to rub just her outer lips, instead of your whole hand/all your fingers to stimulate her whole pussy.
2) Swirl the pearl
     First, DO NOT just pull the hood back from her clit to do this. The clitoris is very sensitive, and that will probably be too much stimulation unless it's something she has indicated that she likes. However, if while you're sealing the envelope, you use pressure from one or two fingers to swirl around this delicate little pearl, it will feel soooo good. Personally, I find that the pad of your finger between the first and second knuckle (palm towards her) is a little easier to do this move with than your fingertips. It will keep you from accidentally pulling the hood back, and it expands the area that you're stimulating, which feels quite nice! I suggest making sure that the area is well lubricated to avoid over stimulating your partner and pushing her over the edge into discomfort instead of ecstasy. 
3) Ring the doorbell
     Remember how I told you not to use your fingertips? Ignore that advice now. Resting your palm on her pubic mound, or laying between her legs while going down on her, use your fingertip to gently press her clit. This doesn't need to be done hard, or fast, or as if you're 45 minutes late for dinner. Just a gentle pulse to get the blood flowing, and getting her wiggling around begging for more. I find this is a really good move to alternate with the others, rather than rely on. It's different enough to peak her interest, but not necessarily enough to bring her all the way home. 
4) Flip her the bird
     This is kind of a fusion of ringing the doorbell and sealing the envelope. Once again start with your palm resting on her pubic mound, and slide three fingers down between her legs, as if you're doing the "seal the envelope" move. As she gets worked up, start pulsing your middle finger as if you're ringing the doorbell. Start out slow, tease a little, and work up a little wetness before trying to insert anything. This method lets you both tease and please her. Something few of us get enough of, don't you think? ;-)
5) Cum hither
     When your playmate is good and ready, you'll hear her breath get faster, her hips will start to buck, and you'll feel a wetness building down below. When her body is screaming that she needs it, slip a finger inside. Now, don't just ram it in there, and don't scratch your fingernail around the soft opening of her vulva. Make sure that there is enough lubrication so that your fingers slide inside easily. And when she wiggles down onto you, do a soft stroke with your finger in a "Come here" motion. Your palm should be facing up (not down, that hurts), and a little forward and back motion from your elbow will help keep you from doing it too hard, or wearing your wrist out. 
So there you go! Five whole tips for you playful perverts. Take this newfound knowledge and gift it upon the world ;-)

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