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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Jun 10 2015 Screening PolicyCategory: About Me     01:42PM   0

In the course of getting to know each other, surely, the end goal is for us to meet, right? Ideally, we will both have a wonderful time, and leave feeling grateful for the day we have been given. And the only way for that to happen is for us both to feel comfortable going in... Surely, if you've reached this point in my site, you have checked me out and are feeling pretty confident that this is something that you want to do. So it's only fair that we continue that trend, right?

In short, my screening policy is this: 

Full Name - 
Phone Number - 
Email -
Along with...
Two independent references from the last six months
~ Their Emails -
~ Something to jog their memory - 
Employment Information (If you have no references, please include)
~ an email from your office email to an anonymous address that I will send you when you contact me
The following is not required, but is only requested in hopes of getting to know you better. Mutual enjoyment is my only concern. 
Reviewer handles - 
Clothing preferences -
Drink preferences -
Location preference - 
Allergies -
Feel free to copy and paste the above, or if you're still not sure, keep reading...
First and foremost, my accounts, as are the devices that visit them, are very secure. Your information is for my eyes only, and will remain that way. You do not need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands, by hacking or slacking.
There is a huge difference between being anonymous, and being discrete. I am the latter, which is why I'm uncomfortable with the former. I know you don't want me meeting with criminals, and I know that you don't want me meeting with someone from a "three letter agency", and this is the way that I make sure that I don't. If I ask for less information than it would take to reserve a table at a restaurant, neither of us can have much peace of mind about that, now can we? 
I am protective by nature. It's not for you, normal guy who just wants to have a good time, it's for those that pose a threat and may do harm not only to myself, but my beloved clients as well. I take our privacy and safety very seriously, and it's only to maintain that of those who have trusted me with theirs that I ask for this kind of information from you. 
Once we safely meet, or if our schedules just don't line up, this information will be deleted. I don't keep anything older than six months, and am not one to come finding you. Please remember that I have been the wife who found out, and then helped her ex-hubby write the profile that introduced him to his soul mate. I can't be bothered to bother you. I just want to appreciate what we have while we have it and be safe doing it, and this way you can too ;-)

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