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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Jun 21 2015 When do you think you'll quit?Category: About Me     06:37PM   0

Inevitably, this question comes up for all of the ladies in this business. Some may take offense, but honestly, this industry and set up really suites me. The attached detachment, the flow amongst relationships, the instant bond you form with someone for no real reason other than being right here right now... it just fits my personality and all feels very natural and fun for me.

The most natural part of the "lunch break lovers" situation is one of the core commandments: discretion. I am a highly independent, very private person, and I tend to treat others the way I like to be treated. It's not that I don't care, it's that my natural instinct is to assume that you are busy with your own life until you send me a message saying you would like to get back together. It's not that I have issues getting close with people, I'm just happy to know and enjoy someone even if it's briefly. The non-relationships that I form with those that I meet here are genuinely fulfilling and wonderful in their own right, and I don't see myself giving up this very special social time in the near future. I may slow down, I may take breaks, and I may go wildly on tour. It depends on what I'm in the mood for, and this little hobby is perfect for however much or little that you want to play. 

And... I like being the enigma. The muse. The confidant. I put so much into the "experience" because it's what I get off on. Just like you have a fantasy, mine is to be the perfect lover, if only for a little while. If I can in some way touch you, and effect you in some positive way (even if it's just a few great daydreams), then I am able to enjoy that satisfied tingling deep inside. I love to see just how romantic, just how spontaneous, and just how passionate I can be. What better place to constantly try to up my own game, and become the woman I've always dreamed of?

Other common themes in this game play into my personal preferences as well. I generally like older men. It's not a daddy issue, it's that most have at least accidentally pleasured a woman at that point in their lives, so know that a little investment in the moment is worth it. Yeah, young guys have energy, but the poor things generally know nothing. Teaching can be fun, but god forbid you suggest anything not featured in the latest porn... You just get starry eyed, frantic pawing in so many cases... I think my irritation with that comes from having a pretty healthy experience level of my own, not necessarily from some great fault in my generation, but it is what it is. It annoys me not to have a perceptive lover because I am a very perceptive one myself. I can handle not knowing, I can't handle not caring that they don't, if that makes sense. Companionship dating: 2, civilian dating: 0.

Then there is the obvious: money. It would be disingenuous not to mention that. Doing this has allowed me to acquire two degrees, take care of my loved ones when they've needed it most, and set myself and my family up for a healthy, happy future. When I look at all the good that this alone has brought to my life, how could I possibly say  I'm doing worse than everyone else, and need to retire before thirty? It's not a typical "career path", but it's one I will happily take!

As hokey as it might sound, I have found my dream job. It satisfies me emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. I wake up every day fully aware that people wish they had the peace and happiness in their life that I do, and it's all thanks to this. I know some ladies just pass through, and some have better experiences than others, but I have genuinely enjoyed my time here, and hope to do so for quite a while longer.

You coming? ;-)






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