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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Dec 14 2015 Reviews? Meh... (revised)Category: General Topics     01:18PM   0

Ohhh... Reviews. They're such a double edged sword. I'm pretty sure we're all aware of the benefits of reviews, and a few of the consequences... I don't care enough about reviews in particular to hold any strong stance, and I'm not going to do that to you here. This is just in regards to myself :-) I would prefer to keep new reviews of time with myself to a minimum, and limited to ethically run review sites. I know that seems a little wishy washy, but I would be happy to briefly explain myself, and provide links to supplemental reading along the way :-)

Mainly, while I love erotic literature, I am not sure how I feel about being the protagonist. I am generally a private person, and prefer to keep my fond memories just that. Memories. Not some tag line to be splashed across a billboard to make someone else money. I think we all know that time is what you make it, and judging by the (nearly 100 with a 9.53 rating) excellent reviews I accumulated in just two years, I like to make mine worthwhile. It's not like I'm going to forget that feeling... of sensually devouring a man and sending him quivering and renewed out into the unwashed world. You don't need to worry that a lack of written confirmation is a lack of it all together. I aim to offer ultimate discretion for you, so of course it has blended into my outlook on my own. I don't like the potential of drawing attention to myself, and I don't like for unknown peoples to know more than they need to, since my actions with those I do know easily speak for themselves. I'm sure you can relate!

Plus... With my busy schedule, you know our time together is the only bit of... socializing that I'm going to get, and I will be damned if I'm not going to spend it drinking some good wine and taking a hot shower! I want candles lit and music playing, and when I walk through the lobby, a Starbucks to wake me up from my daze before I get back to class. I want to create unique, individual experiences that no one else has had. I want the same thing as you do out of this, so we're going to have a good time.  A review is nice, but it is my genuine hope that you never feel that you got what everyone else did. If you want to show off our moves together, take me to a swingers club. It'll be more fun for both of us ;-)

Regardless of my being mostly apathetic towards reviews, I can't ignore the impact they can have, nor blatant mistreatment. Anonymity should not be a bridge for abuse. You wouldn't believe the rudeness somehow every single companion I know has encountered, and without going into gory details (Just Some Examples), you should know what kind of institution you are supporting by submitting these reviews. Women have been threatened, blackmailed, and harassed all with the implicit or even vocal support of sites like The Erotic Review and ECCIE. Sometimes, even at the hands of the administrators themselves. It's not that I'm opposed to sites like Grain Belt News or Southern GFE, or that I wouldn't mind supporting another website where there is at least a public attempt at civility and respect for reviewers and providers alike; I'm opposed to ill intent. None of us should have time for that. And I prefer not to associate with those that do. That's exactly why we're both here, isn't it?

I'm acutely aware of the upsides of a positive reference, so please don't take this as a "no reviews policy" declaration at all. All it is is that I want any of my efforts to benefit businesses that are well run and treat everyone with respect. Just like with any advertising website I may do business with, I want to know that I can trust that both my clients and myself will be treated with the professional, personal touch that we both deserve.




This is how I keep myself off of TER.... They can publish anything they like, but it is thankfully against their rules to use reviews of yourself, for yourself. 

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