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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Hello!  And welcome to my blog! Pictures, love notes, random thoughts.... and you know I couldn't do this without throwing up a foodie spot or two! To return to my main website, click here, and don't be afraid to click "subscribe", or make a suggestion before you leave!


Now, let's get started ;-)


Dec 6 2016 Clever Clover... She Travels!Category: Doubles Partners     09:17PM   0

A long time girl crush that I've finally had a chance to meet is the incomparable Clover... A wet and wild squirter with a quick wit and personality to spare! I thought I fell for her before we even met! But I was mistaken ;-) Somehow, she bundles you in this comfortable, totally accepted aura, nearly tricking you into thinking you've always known her

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Dec 6 2016 Lily Renee... Exquisite!Category: Doubles Partners     09:05PM   0

Do you know why she's known as "Exquisite Lily"? The first thing you'll notice are her beautiful almond eyes, with a depth you can't quite pinpoint. Her soft, sweet hair falls down over her perfect, plump natural breasts... With just a peak of how lucky you really could be... I bet she'll laugh a little, as you trail down a tad lower, and your jaw finishes dropping,&

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Jul 6 2016 Photographers (A post for the ladies!)Category: General Topics     02:35PM   0

I've gotten a number of inquiries about what photographers I use, and pictures are such a big part of a successful sales pitch no matter the industry, that I thought I would post a little shout out to some of my favorites! I have been very pleased with my experiences so far, and I want to help the photographers that have helped me. So, without further ado... Ladies, here they are! And gents, most of them will let you gift a shoot ;-)


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Jun 17 2016 What is your favorite appointment length?Category: About Me     06:20PM   0

Recently, and frequently over the years, this question was posted on a discussion board. As usual though, it devolved into something off topic... This is obviously something clients wonder about on a regular basis, and honestly, who better to ask what seems to work out best than the person most intimately acquainted with the service? Everyone is different, but I figured it would be a good source of me-to-you insight for my next blog post. In fact the subject is

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Apr 23 2016 So You Want to Write a Review, Part II - The Bad ReviewCategory: How To     10:05PM   1

I hope you've found yourself here out of curiosity, and not because you've had a terrible time recently. Truly, deeply, I'm sorry if that's what happened, and you really need this advice. Disappointing appointments can be as inconsequential as a lack of chemistry or so much worse... which sucks, because in those cases  it usually means a few things that I may address in another post. Right now, though, is about how you can write a review that addresses th

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Feb 26 2016 How To Write Escort Reviews - Part 1: The Good ReviewCategory: How To     02:05PM   0

First of all, BRAVO! Gentlemen callers that care about doing well by the ladies they see do not get enough credit. Because of this, most of the conversations about reviews can seem overwhelmingly extreme, with views that fall in the middle of the spectrum often getting lost in the fray. They're polarizing because, well, "Erotic" reviews are a beast of their own. There's so much (or sometimes so little!) to having a good 

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Jan 28 2016 Wish ListCategory: About Me     08:00AM   0

After a surprising amount of requests, I've come up with a short wish list! Please know that your company is gift enough, but if you insist on spoiling me.... Here are some stores I like, or you can check out my wish list on!

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Jan 18 2016 The Importance of "You Time"Category: General Topics     02:35PM   0

America doesn't seem to have caught on to the beauty of "island time". Yes, we all have to do things, at least every once in a while, but it's hard to remember to take some time to ourselves in a culture of workaholics. All work and no play really does make for a Dull Dave. No one means to fall into a rut, it's usually just a matter of circumstances that "one day..." you won't have to deal with. Sometimes, the ru

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Dec 26 2015 An Overview of Verification WebsitesCategory: General Topics     02:26PM   2

Once you start thinking about meeting a professional companion, one of the first things you'll probably notice is how difficult it is to find someone to "take the risk" of seeing you. And once you've got your foot in the door, you'll notice that there are some pretty industry standard requirements (phone, email, name, references) that you'll have to provide over and over again. Because of this, most gentlemen will sign up for a verification website once they h

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Dec 14 2015 Reviews? Meh... (revised)Category: General Topics     01:18PM   0

Ohhh... Reviews. They're such a double edged sword. I'm pretty sure we're all aware of the benefits of reviews, and a few of the consequences... I don't care enough about reviews in particular to hold any strong stance, and I'm not going to do that to you here. This is just in regards to myself :-) I would prefer to keep new reviews of time with myself to a minimum, and limited to ethically run review sites. I know that seems a little wishy washy, but I wo

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