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Ever wonder what I'm thinking?

Hello!  And welcome to my blog! Pictures, love notes, random thoughts.... and you know I couldn't do this without posting a foodie spot or two! To return to my main website, click here, and don't be afraid to click "subscribe", or make a suggestion before you leave!


Now, let's get started ;-)


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Mar 7 2020 Best Midwestern Spa Dates - Specials!Category: Specials     02:06PM   0

Before I leave the midwest, I want to see all the best places! Come with me? ;-)

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Feb 15 2020 How to Contact an Escort Series: Avoid Looking Like a Time WasterCategory: How To     02:30PM   0

Even after you've decided which companion is the one, it's still so easy to feel a little lost. How do you even contact an escort? And how do you get them to email you back? Everyone has different rules and preferences, and their styles all vary so much, it can be hard to tell if there are any actual guide lines you can follow as best practice when contacting a companion. And when you add in the already sterilized tone of the written

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Jan 24 2020 Sara Bentley: Sexy Blonde Exec Category: Best Friends     03:56PM   0

Sara and I met at a photoshoot, and immediately hit it off! We love to laugh, we love to drag you around town to all our favorite spots, and we loooove to play around! Looking for a wild and raucaus time? Come on down, Sara and I would like to show you around ;-)

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Jan 24 2020 How to Sponsor a TourCategory: How To     12:24PM   0

There are so many beautiful cities that I want to visit, and with a serious case of FOMO, it's so hard for me to decide! And it's so easy to get distracted, pounding the pavement in the same few cities where I have "real world" stuff to do, I always feel like I'm missing out on somewhere else. So, I've decided to offer a "sponsor a tour" option :-)

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Jan 24 2020 Wish ListCategory: About Me     08:00AM   0

After a surprising amount of requests, I've come up with a short wish list! Please know that your company is gift enough, but if you insist on spoiling me.... Here are some stores I like!

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Jan 19 2020 Grace Evangeline: Mature Voluptuous GirlfriendCategory: Best Friends     02:16AM   0

Grace, as I'm sure you've heard, is an incredible woman. Or if you haven't? I'm so sorry that my words alone are all that you have! This sensual, petite, passionate lady is a surprise from the moment you meet until your last sweet glances at each other. Her pillowy soft lips and bright blue eyes draw you in, her honey soft hair begging to be touched, and the lilt of her voice tickles your ear ever closer... Dinner with her is just as stimulating as anything else you cou

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Jan 9 2020 Pre-booking: Stats and Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: About Me     11:28AM   0

There are some stats and questions that are good to know, but don't necessarily fit well on my main website, so here they are! Measurements, services and service area, and a few policy elaborations. Please feel free to read this over if there's anything that hasn't been answered by my website :-)



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Nov 30 2019 Riley Sinclair: Slender Blonde FashionistaCategory: Best Friends     10:03PM   0

This hot little fashionista may be new, but she knew what to do ;-) We hit it off fast, and I can't wait to introduce her to you! She has this tight little body and this gorgeous little... ;-) Fly us to you, she won't be seriously touring for another year!


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Nov 1 2019 Naomi Choi - Petite, Slightly Alternative NymphCategory: Best Friends     11:56PM   0

Naomi and I only met just recently, but ohhh MAN did we hit it off! She is funny, she is smart, she is real! I love how petite she is - just my size! ;-) And she has this great contagious laugh that comes so easily... I can't wait to spend more time with her, and we would looove to share you too ;-) She's got a pretty busy schedule, so we are usually only available together in St Louis, Missouri. But hey! You never know when we might be free ;-)

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Aug 24 2019 Alyx of Chicago: Tight Fit BrunetteCategory: Best Friends     01:34PM   0

Want a powerhouse, high energy duo? Alyx and I are your girls! Really rock your wold by inviting Felicity Harte along for a trio ;-)


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