To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does.
- James Arthur Baldwin

      I am very much the girl next door you’ve always dreamed of... all natural, genuine, and deeply passionate. Perpetually in school or jetting off on some adventure, I still have that wide eyed wonder as I explore the world around me, and maintain a soft southern charm that stops just before becoming too sweet... I can certainly be described as "dinner companion appropriate". Publicly, at least... Laughing isn't the only thing I'm quick to do! My appetite for life is insatiable, and this is my  fantasy. I need excitement, and passion, and new experiences to keep me titillated. Standing still simply will not do. We all have our faults... and what else can you do but manage the fires?

      Maybe you find yourself trapped in a routine... endlessly distracted, yet somehow, only by mediocre monotony. Let me be your oasis in all of this, so attuned to your desires that fantasy becomes indistinguishable from reality. There are no strings here, no indentured servitude to preconceived notions. Only pleasure for pleasures sake. Isn't it time someone was consumed with you, gave totally to you, if only for a little while? The torrid affair is my addiction. My big blue eyes may be impish, but they are probing, and I know you want to feel alive, too. Come away with me... Drop your troubles at the door, and let's slip into a world all our own. You know we've both been waiting.


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